Friday, August 04, 2006


Okay. HOW ABOUT. Does Edward Elric love me?

Kelly: YES! Yes, he does.

Ed: How do you know that?

Kelly: o.o Where'd you come from?

OKAY! Fortunes!

1. What is you zodiac sign? (Sagittarius!)
2. Do you believe in magic? (Ooh. Yesh. It's sparkly.)
3. Hearts or diamonds? (Spades! ...okay, fine, hearts. T-T)
4. What do you like in a guy?(or girl if you're a guy) (Um. Short blond pipsqueak alchemists? *gets smacked by Ed* X_x;;)
5. Favorite food? (Uh... POCKY!)

Kelly: Umm....Let's see...Falalala....A friend of yours will contact you via IM or phone to say something about some anime(I give it till tomorrow). Random fortune...probably won't happen.

And and and. QUESTION! For Vincent. How many pretty red cloaks do you have? And how many will you have after I steal one from you?

Vincent:...That is none of your concern, and you won't be getting anything from me.

And for Ryou. Whose idea was it to give two characters in the whole YGO series the same name?

Ryou: The author's.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


From: Shay...yea
1. What is you zodiac sign? [Sagittarius, Dec people rawk!]
2. Do you believe in magic? [Course...]
3. Hearts or diamonds? [What kind of question is this? Hearts...]
4. What do you like in a guy?(or girl if you're a guy)[Irking moments of silence~! Lol...among other things...]
5. Favorite food? [Vinny! Okay...on a serious note, does chocolate count? If not...then uh...fried noodles...haha]

Kelly: I can't tell...something about your brother and a sport...or some guy and a sport. Maybe he's going to through some sport equipment at you. Hehehe...

Monday, June 12, 2006

New Fortune Questions

Hey everyone. Nothing much happening around my place anymore...very boring. Well I decided I'd post up new questions...and they might not work with the whole fortune thing...but fun fortune right?

1. What is you zodiac sign?
2. Do you believe in magic?
3. Hearts or diamonds?
4. What do you like in a guy?(or girl if you're a guy)
5. Favorite food?

Monday, June 05, 2006


From: Anonymous
So all of you are single then?

Vinny: Yes.

Ryou: *nods*

Kelly: Hehe. We're all single. We all know Marufuji-kun isn't looking, because he said so himself. He's in love with dueling...whoever the hell that is. (Ryou: -.-)

Shay: *covers Vinny's ears* And Vinny isn't over Lucrecia. We don't like her, because she was Sephy's mother(can't believe what she did), she married Hojo(hate him), and she broke Vinny's heart(evil). (Vinny: *has no idea what we're talking about and is annoyed*)

Saturday, June 03, 2006


From: Anonymous
To Vincent: What kind of qualities do you look for in a girl?

To Ryou: Same.

Vincent: I'm not looking.

Kelly: I can't persuade him to say anything, but I know he wants someone who accepts(and loves) him for who he is and not his looks. Ryou is the same. He doesn't seem to be looking either. I got him to say a few words though. Not much and not very detailed, but still good.

Ryou: Nice, intelligent, confident.

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night!'s morning here so yea...wherever Shay is it's whatever time is on here. 3:50 something I think. Well hope you people have a nice day/sleep.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank You!

Thanks for reviewing Kelly-Ann! We are going to update "Death of a Rose" soon(sometime soon), so watch for it!

Eh...I might start changing my fortune questions every week for fun.

Let Me Say It's A Question

It really is a question! Lol.

From: Kelly-Ann
Does it count if my mom gave me the vase to put in my room?

Kelly: It can...everything I see is vague so it really doesn't limit as to what it means.

Another True Fortune

Ah, I guess the giving thing was just a feeling. Well, yay! Another fortune coming true. ^.^ I have a feeling I'm going to post new questions every month/2 weeks or so, so come back around those times and get another fortune! ^.^

Vinny Had A WHAT!?

From: Anonymous
Vinny-koi!!! Where were you yesterday night? We had a date!!! *teary-eyed* I was waiting at the Cafe for three hours!!!

Vinny: There was no date.

Kelly: *mumbling something about crazy delusional fangirls*

Fortune! ^.^

For Kelly-Ann:
Oh now i wanna do a fortune too...someone said it came true right? Soory if i'm overwhelming you guys!
1. What is your favorite color? White
2. What is your favorite mythical/magical creature? Sphinx
3. Choose a word that describes you. Creative
4. Name 2 hobbies. Painting and Writing songs
5. Are you a dreamer? Of course I am...who isn't?Again, sorry if this is too much, i'd rather have the questions answered...if it is. ^^

Kelly: I love questions and people who participate gives me something to do.

Hope fully this will come true...

During the time from now to tomorrow afternoon you will see a red flower(real or not I don't know)...

That was very vague, but sometimes my predictions are...and they don't come true sometimes so I'm sorry if it doesn't come true.

EDIT: I got a nother part to this fortune, but I keep having this feeling that someone might give you the red flower. I don't know tif this is really part of the prediction though. ^^;


From: Kelly-Ann
Okay this one is for all of you! ^.^ What are your favorite things to do? Or hobbies (I know you listed some interests...)?
This one's for Vincent: Is your favorite color red? Which is why you wear all the red...or is it black?
And for Ryou:What color would you use to describe your hair?
Sorry for the random-ness! But hey, with a blog like this randomness should be expected! Luv yall for doing this! It's very fun to see the answers...^^

Kelly: I love your name! Lol! Well I love your questions...they're simple. I like to read, write draw, swim, watch anime, glomp Ryou, and listen to music. Shay isn't on right now but she does all of that except swimming and glomping Ryou...she pokes Vinny-tan.

Ryou: Duel monsters, read...(Kelly: Why can't you say more!? Ryou: -_-)

Vinny: ...(Kelly: ...I think he likes to polish is gun...and fly)

Vincent: Yes. It's red. (Kelly:...His answers are always blunt.)

Ryou: Teal/Aqua (Kelly: And that's why my favorite color is teal...your hair and eyes)

More Questions

From: Anonymous
I couldn't comment on the last post so here I am, are we even allowed more than one question...I should have been more particular in my wording...Is there any PERSON who's important in your life now? *hinthint* *moves a little closer*

Kelly: You can ask a lot of questions...just not too much, don't want us to be working too much.

Vinny: There is no person.

Shay: Vinny-tan's single. ^^


Kelly: *slams the door and locks everything*

Tell People!! @.@

This thing is way more busy at night. *yawns* I'm totally bored now. If any of you have Ryou or Vinny fan friends then tell them to come here. I need something to do.

Crazy and Abnormal

I have a feeling Vincent and Ryou think I'm crazy. I know for sure that Vincent thinks Shay's abnormal. He says it to her all the time. Sorry that Shay wasn't featured in the last two questions...she had to go before she was able to answer me.

Teh Questions

Q- From: Vincent's Girl
Standard fangirl question...woul you go out with me? [obviously intended for Vincent-sama]

A- Vincent: I have no time.

Kelly: Awwe, come on, it's only one little date. Okay...I sound like Reno now.

Shay: I'm a Vinny-tan fan too...^^

Q-From: Yoru_no_Uta
Why do you treat Shou the way you do?

A-Ryou: If he is not a good duelist, he is not worthy of being my brother.

Kelly: Awwe, you know it's because you know he knows you think he's not worthy(though you probably don't) and you're trying to push him by making him feel he has to prove himself.

Ryou: ...

Kelly: Don't worry, I won't tell Shou!

Shou: H--

Kelly: Out, out, out! Nothing to see here. ^.^

Q- From Anonymous: What is the most precious thing in the world to you?

A- Vinny: My friends.

Kelly: Because they accept him in all his differentness!

Vinny: ...'s great to know my fortunes come true sometimes. Hopefully that wasn't a painful plushie thing...

EDIT: I have not answered any questions yet, because I am tired. I've only slept 4 hours, so when I'm not feeling braindead, I'll drag Ryou and Vinny and and make them answer questions.

A Fortune

From Anonymous:
1. What is your favorite color? Black
2. What is your favorite mythical/magical creature? Phoenix
3. Choose a word that describes you. Unique
4. Name 2 hobbies. Drawing and Playing Video Games
5. Are you a dreamer? Naturally

Kelly: Hi hi.

Sometime today you will get a plushie/pillow/something soft thrown at you.

Strange fortunes....I know.

I'll get the answers to the questions out sometime soon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am retiring for the night everyone! Night night. One day I will give Shay the password to this thing...

Our First Fun Fortune

Yesh...I do feel rather odd but hey! I luffles fortunes to death!!!
1. What is your favorite color? [blue]
2. What is your favorite mythical/magical creature? [Teh Dragon...and no not because of Ryou]3. Choose a word that describes you. [Abnormal...courtesy of Vinny-tan...and really it does describe me]
4. Name 2 hobbies. [Writing and Reading]
5. Are you a dreamer? [Yup]

Kelly: Shay...what are you...nevermind. I'll just get this over with. -.-

Tomorrow you will find that our fic gets 1 review on Luna and 3 more on FOSFF. Yes...that's it.

A Question for Ryou

Our first umm...questioner?-
From Kiki:
Alright then...this is for Ryou. Why do you like Duel Monsters so much?

A- Ryou: Duel Monsters provides an opportunity to stimulate the mind. It isn't just a game to me as it is to many others.

Shay: But it is a game...

Ryou: *glares*

Kelly:'re obssessed.

Ryou: -.-

Info on Fun Fortunes

We do fortunes, yes we do!

Answer these 5 questions and I will come back with a fortune...that will probably never come true. I'd be surprised if it did. It's called fun fortunes for a reason though!

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite mythical/magical creature?
3. Choose a word that describes you.
4. Name 2 hobbies.
5. Are you a dreamer?

Just answer these questions in our latest post and we'll get back to you! ^.^

Death of a Rose

Shay and I(plus our fave bishies) started this because of a fanfic we wrote. It is a Reader-insert/CYOA type of fanfic, so some of you might not like it. Here are the links to the different places it's posted:

Hope you fans of RI and CYOA's like it. It's a very unique plot. ^.^


I should explain this a little, ne?

Post questions as comments and we'll reply with a post.

Since we just started we will be doing a lot of working on this blog.

Hi hi!

This is Kelly(BlackMystique) and Shay(Hikari_no_Kage) from Lunaescence, Fictionzone, and FOSFF. We are here to present Ask Ryou Marufuji and Vincent Valentine! I, Kelly, am writing this, so that is why Ryou and I have our names first.


Hehe. Well we'll be getting started soon!