Friday, June 02, 2006

More Questions

From: Anonymous
I couldn't comment on the last post so here I am, are we even allowed more than one question...I should have been more particular in my wording...Is there any PERSON who's important in your life now? *hinthint* *moves a little closer*

Kelly: You can ask a lot of questions...just not too much, don't want us to be working too much.

Vinny: There is no person.

Shay: Vinny-tan's single. ^^


Kelly: *slams the door and locks everything*


Anonymous Kelly-Ann said...

Okay this one is for all of you! ^.^ What are your favorite things to do? Or hobbies (I know you listed some interests...)?

This one's for Vincent:
Is your favorite color red? Which is why you wear all the red...or is it black?

And for Ryou:
What color would you use to describe your hair?

Sorry for the random-ness! But hey, with a blog like this randomness should be expected! Luv yall for doing this! It's very fun to see the answers...^^

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Kelly-Ann said...

Oh now i wanna do a fortune too...someone said it came true right? Soory if i'm overwhelming you guys!

1. What is your favorite color? White
2. What is your favorite mythical/magical creature? Sphinx
3. Choose a word that describes you. Creative
4. Name 2 hobbies. Painting and Writing songs
5. Are you a dreamer? Of course I am...who isn't?

Again, sorry if this is too much, i'd rather have the questions answered...if it is. ^^

9:27 AM  
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