Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Question for Ryou

Our first umm...questioner?-
From Kiki:
Alright then...this is for Ryou. Why do you like Duel Monsters so much?

A- Ryou: Duel Monsters provides an opportunity to stimulate the mind. It isn't just a game to me as it is to many others.

Shay: But it is a game...

Ryou: *glares*

Kelly:'re obssessed.

Ryou: -.-


Anonymous Shay said...

Yesh...I do feel rather odd but hey! I luffles fortunes to death!!!

1. What is your favorite color? [blue]
2. What is your favorite mythical/magical creature? [Teh Dragon...and no not because of Ryou]
3. Choose a word that describes you. [Abnormal...courtesy of Vinny-tan...and really it does describe me]
4. Name 2 hobbies. [Writing and Reading]
5. Are you a dreamer? [Yup]

7:18 PM  
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