Friday, June 02, 2006


From: Kelly-Ann
Okay this one is for all of you! ^.^ What are your favorite things to do? Or hobbies (I know you listed some interests...)?
This one's for Vincent: Is your favorite color red? Which is why you wear all the red...or is it black?
And for Ryou:What color would you use to describe your hair?
Sorry for the random-ness! But hey, with a blog like this randomness should be expected! Luv yall for doing this! It's very fun to see the answers...^^

Kelly: I love your name! Lol! Well I love your questions...they're simple. I like to read, write draw, swim, watch anime, glomp Ryou, and listen to music. Shay isn't on right now but she does all of that except swimming and glomping Ryou...she pokes Vinny-tan.

Ryou: Duel monsters, read...(Kelly: Why can't you say more!? Ryou: -_-)

Vinny: ...(Kelly: ...I think he likes to polish is gun...and fly)

Vincent: Yes. It's red. (Kelly:...His answers are always blunt.)

Ryou: Teal/Aqua (Kelly: And that's why my favorite color is teal...your hair and eyes)


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