Friday, June 02, 2006

Teh Questions

Q- From: Vincent's Girl
Standard fangirl question...woul you go out with me? [obviously intended for Vincent-sama]

A- Vincent: I have no time.

Kelly: Awwe, come on, it's only one little date. Okay...I sound like Reno now.

Shay: I'm a Vinny-tan fan too...^^

Q-From: Yoru_no_Uta
Why do you treat Shou the way you do?

A-Ryou: If he is not a good duelist, he is not worthy of being my brother.

Kelly: Awwe, you know it's because you know he knows you think he's not worthy(though you probably don't) and you're trying to push him by making him feel he has to prove himself.

Ryou: ...

Kelly: Don't worry, I won't tell Shou!

Shou: H--

Kelly: Out, out, out! Nothing to see here. ^.^

Q- From Anonymous: What is the most precious thing in the world to you?

A- Vinny: My friends.

Kelly: Because they accept him in all his differentness!

Vinny: ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't comment on the last post so here I am, are we even allowed more than one question...I should have been more particular in my wording...

Is there any PERSON who's important in your life now? *hinthint* *moves a little closer*

7:36 AM  
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